Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/ PS4/ PS3

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Allow players to enjoy games on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 & PS3 with wired keyboards and wired mice instead of game controllers. Perfect for games like FPS, TPS, RPG and RTS, etc.

Product Features:
  • Plug and play, no need to drive.
  • Support all standard mainstream mouse and keyboard.
  • Support custom buttons, meet the player's usage habits.
  • Support mouse sensitivity selection, mouse can switch Y axis direction.
  • More precise control, suitable for precise shooting and blocking games.
  • Provide players with better game control methods and increase the fun of the game.
  • Patented product, unique shape, cool aircraft carrier shape. Patent No.: 201930228759.9
  • Suitable for console: SWITCH / PS4 / PS3 / XBOX ONE / XBOX 360 and other series of consoles.
  • Convert the keyboard and mouse signals into controllers signals to perform game operations on the above consoles.
  • Small and portable, the size is 114*95*20mm and the weight is 100g. It is very convenient for daily use and travel.Grip pits non-slip soft rubber design
  • White, blue, red, green and yellow function indicator light, yellow and blue purple powder color circulation breathing work indicator, personalized and novel.
  • No power supply, use the host USB port to supply power. When the power consumption of the external device is too large, the power can be externally connected through the reserved 5V input port.
Product parameters:
  • 1.Material: ABS
  • 2.Product color: black
  • 3.Product size: 114*95*20mm
  • 4.Product weight: 0.115kg (with line)
  • 5.Note: This product does not contain power
Electrical parameters:
  • Compatible operating platform: (SWITCH /PS4 /PS3/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360)
  • Keyboard and mouse input interface: USB *2
  • Console connection interface: TYPE C
  • Power interface: TYPE C
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Controller guide interface: USB
  • USB PD specification: 2.0
  • Consolecable: 0.5m