Hori Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Plus+ Wired Controller

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The HORIPAD Plus+ for the Nintendo Switch is a customizable wired controller for the Nintendo Switch with special motion aim features and more. Equipped with Motion Aim technology that differs from the gyro sensor / acceleration sensor on the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controller. When Motion Aim is activated, the Right Analog Stick input can be controlled by tilting the controller. This allows for precise motion controlled aiming and steering for games without native motion control. Adjust Motion Aim sensitivity on the fly with two unique modes: Quick Mode and Snipe Mode. Quick Mode increases sensitivity for fast aiming and movements and Snipe Mode temporarily lowers sensitivity for precise aiming and fine tuning of movements. Use the Turbo Hold in intense moments by assigning Turbo to a specific button and continuous rapid fire without having to hold the button. Set profiles and settings with the companion HORI Device Manager App for PC and connect your headset for in-game chat. Gear up and game on with the HORIPAD Plus+ for the Nintendo Switch. Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

Product Features:
  • Adjustable Motion Aim sensitivity with two unique modes, Quick Mode and Snipe Mode.
  • Connect a headset directly to the HORIPAD+
  • Use the PC HORI Device Manager App to adjust all functions
  • Cable length: Approx. 3 m/ Approx. 9.5 ft