Google Nest Mini Plus Smart Plug 2nd Generation Chalk Sealed

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Brand new: Google Nest Mini Plus Smart Plug 2nd Generation Chalk Sealed. Make your life easier with the help of the 2 nd generation mini with smart plug to make any electronic smart.

With Nest mini and the Smart Plug, you can control devices around your home with your voice. Turn your lamp, fan, and more into a smart device. And play music, set timers, and get answers on Nest mini, the mini speaker with big sound. Learn how to create and schedule custom routines to automatically turn on/off your smart plug-connected lights or appliances. Learn more at

  • This smart plug turns your lamp, coffee maker, or any device into a smart device
  • Control your compatible devices with your voice or on your phone from anywhere
  • On Nest mini start with "hey Google" to get answers and control your smart home
  • Seamless setup process allows you to set up compatible devices from start to finish in the Google home app
  • Turn any holiday plug in decor or Christmas tree into a smart home device with this bundle