G2T Portable Personal Air Cooler Cooling Puriefer Humidifier Nano Evaporation

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G2T-ICE is a natural personal cooling device. Needless of the coolant and compressor, the air cooler uses only water and proprietary heat absorption cooling filter to achieve most efficient cooling effect. 

The cooling filter is made from particular fibers to absorb largest amount of water within short period of time and enables G2T-ICE intensive evaporation with smallest filter size.

The friction of gaseous water molecules in the cooling filter creates anions (OH ion) in the air; this is the most natural way to generate anion. It's suggested to replace new filter for every 3 months.

Convenient Personal Portable Air Cooling for Outdoor/Indoor. 

  • Quantity: 1
  • Cooling: High efficiency evaporative cooling technology.
  • Healthy Life: Filters out the dust (PM 2.5) and benefits your body. Generates a number of negative ions in your space.
  • Green Energy: To commit to earth protection and to save your money.
  • Don't Worry Water Leakage: With smart design, no concern of leaking water due to dumping.
  • Power up through Micro USB Cable (Connect to USB Port – Computer Port/USB AC Adapter/Power Bank)- Not Include

Package includes:

  • Personal Mini Air Cooler
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Evaporation Cartridge(Cooling Filter)/Nano Sliver yarns
  • Notice card & User Manual

Condition: Brand New and Sealed