G-Dreamer 3-In-1 HDTV HDMI 720 Cable for GameCube/ N64/ Super NES 5ft

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The majority of moderm Tlevisions have cnnectvity via HOMI and lack some ofthe older inputs which retro game consoles use. With the HDMI adapter cable, you can bring your SNES, SFC, N64 or GC back to life on a newer TV and relie those gaming classics, with a simple 'PLUG AND PLAY' solution!

  • Device Dimensions: 7*3.5*1.5CM
  • Cable Length: 24cm
  • Weight:48g
  • Power Consumption: Below 2W
  • Supported Video Input Mode: All display modes like 240p/262p/480i/576i/480p/576p
  • Supported HDMI Output Mode: The HDMI converter works by converting the original signals from SNES/SFC/N64/GC and outputs them at 720p.