Disposable/Reusable Face Shield Lightweight Comfortable Anti-Fog Coating Full Face Protection

Disposable/Reusable Face Shield Lightweight Comfortable Anti-Fog Coating Full Face Protection

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The product is intended for general people for protecting them from coughing/chemical splash and restrict breaths/droplets to flow within limited range. Premium materials are employed, including optically clear PET plastic with anti-fog coating and protective film to avoid scratches before use. Lightweight and non-elastic-band design for longtime of comfortable use. By folding the earpiece on both sides, the earloop openings can be adjusted as wide as needed to fit properly, and simply let the crease rest on earback comfortably. Please choose size depending on length of face. In our experience, most adult males are more suited for L, adult females are more suited for M, and 6+ yr. old children are more suited for S. The product may not be suitable for children under 6, please use it at your discretion. NOTE: This product is not intended for medical use.

  • PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION- Unlike others, our shields are designed much more fitting, cover more facial area, and come with an unique breath-deflecting design that can deflect your breaths down towards your neck and clothes.


  • COMFORT MATTERS - Does not cause itchiness/bad smell/vocal restriction/oppressive feeling like clothe masks do, and does not employ elastic band/sponge that impose pressure on your head like other shields do. Super lightweight lets you barely feel it.


  • GOOD FOR COMMUNICATION - Facial expression/smiles/lips language readable, and does not signal sickness like cloth masks or other shields do. It is good for social interactions.


  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Three operational modes for different working conditions, ex.top-closed mode that prevents droplets from entering from top is suitable for people who are physically in lower position than people around him/her, and the bottom-closed mode that prevents droplets from falling from bottom is suitable for restaurant/food factory workers.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY - material is brand new and optically clear PET plastic. The product is made in Taiwan, and shipped from U.S. warehouse.




M:10.55"/26.8 cm flat

L:   11.30"/28.7cm flat


M:16.93"/43.0 cm flat

L:18.50"/47.0 cm flat

Thickness Shield:

0.008" / 0.2mm


M:  0.9 ounce / 24 g

L:  1 ounce / 28 g





Shield Material:

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) with PP protective film

Package dimension/weight:

M- 7 pcs - 29 x 23.5 x 4.3cm – 268g

M- 20 pcs - 29 x 23.5 x 4.3cm – 580g

L- 7 pcs  - 29 x 23.5 x 4.3cm – 296g

L- 20 pcs - 29 x 23.5 x 4.3cm – 660g