8Bitdo N30 Pro2 Bluetooth GamePad - 4 Editions

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  • 8bitdo controllers are now among the best controllers on the market - for a good reason. Ideal for fans of the classic DPad who do not want to miss modern controls.
  • The N30 Pro 2 Series is the compact series of their controllers.
  • Ideal to take along and play on the go. To play at home. the SN, SN Pro and SN Pro + controllers are better suited.
  • * Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.
  • * DPad, two analogue sticks, four shoulder buttons, four fire buttons, START, SELECT, home button *
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth or USB.
  • * Supports motion controls *
  • Rumble feature built-in Included in the package is the controller and a USB-C cable.