Lenovo ZA4R0027US Smart Clock with the Google Assistant

Lenovo ZA4R0027US Smart Clock with the Google Assistant

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First light to last thing at night, Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant is there to lend a hand. This stylish 4 in. touchscreen and speaker lets you wake up more naturally, listen to music, check the weather, sleep better at night, manage smart devices and schedules, and much more. All hands-free, quickly, and easily. Just say "Hey Google" to get started.

Wake up with hundreds of sound and media alarms - to snooze it, just tap on your smart clock, check the display and see the weather, your calendar, commute info, news and more with the good morning routine, see your sleep summary, check motivational quotes and more.

Do more with a single command with the good night routine: turn off the lights, lock the doors, play some relaxing music and more, you can also see alarm suggestions and set it up via voice or touch, thanks to the USB port, you can also charge your phone.

Use your voice to control your smart home devices and access them in a single dashboard, turn on the lights, turn on the coffee maker - right when you wake up, turn off lights, turn on locks, check your security camera and baby monitor cam before you go to sleep.