Eye Protection Gaming / Office Glasses with Blue Light blocking Lens

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As an optical profession, I know how all those tablets, phones and screen can damage your eyes. 

Blue light is not a notorious cause of eye cancer, glaucoma and other eye diseases...

We introduce this blue blocking lens that help you relax your eyes and blocking those blue light. 

Here is a video that tells you how this len blocks laser blue lights. This is a patterned coating that not only do anti-glares, but also block blue light completely. 



  • Prescription Available.
  • 100% Block Blue Lights
  • Anti-Glare coating included
  • Gaming & office Use.

The frame size is : 52mm lens width, 17mm in bridge width, and 144mm in temple length

This is made to order. Please allow 10-15 days making and shipping time. 

Please email us your valid prescription you if you want to make it a daily wear.