38G Delicate skin care for female Active enzyme crystals Hand made soap

$ 9.99

Brand Intro<br><br> 38G cleaning products are formulated with an exclusive enzyme crystallization technology that efficiently clean, repair, brighten, and whiten users’ skin condition. Its crystallization technology is combined by the authentic crystal growing technique that passed down from traditional Japanese Geishas and modern bio-enzyme technology. The process of crystallization provides a perfect environment for enzyme to be fully matured thus activates its maximum efficacy. Due to its enzyme technology, 38G cleaning products have great efficacy on preventing acnes and it also highly enhances skin metabolism which provides the users a younger, smoother, and healthier skin condition. It works like miracle. The active enzyme will clear out stubborn black-heads, restore youth and firming skin. It also decrease wrinkle appearance, remove odor and rashes. <br><br> You can see amazing result for just few usage. <br><br> It is the Best Cleanser for Feminine Private Areas<br><br>Best for pudendum cleaning and hygiene maintenance, along with the following long-term effects: <br><br> * Making the pudendum compact, and private keratins decomposed, improving loose skin and making sex more enjoyable. <br><br> * Dull color improved around the crotch and pudendum, enhancing skin tone. <br><br> * Itches eliminated during a period. <br><br> * The best supply for cleansing during pregnancy and after giving birth. <br><br> * Eliminating odors, itches, and abnormal secretions. <br><br> * Feeling tense or slight tingling as normal reaction to preliminary use. <br><br> * Preventing hemorrhoids deterioration and improving anal hygiene. <br><br> Please note: <br><br> Only Natural active enzyme soap does not leave residue on your face<br><br>Suitable for different skin conditions.<br>Specially designed for female private care.<br>Specially designed for sensitive skin conditions<br>Infused with tea tree extractions and other skincare ingredients to efficiently moisturizes skins and specifically formulated for the skincare of female’s private part skin condition<br>One single product can be use approximately 90-120 times depends on personal preference.

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